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ViaTech: Where Customer Care Meets Excellence

In today's fast-paced tech world, personalized service can feel like a relic of the past. But at ViaTech, we believe...

Print Isn't Dead: How Retail's Future Blends Physical and Digital

In the digital age, it’s easy to believe that print materials are becoming obsolete. After all, we can access almost...

guest blog

Five Critical Questions to Ask a Potential Print Partner – Heather Ashley

Asking for a quote is an important part of the vetting process, but there are other critical questions you should pose...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Matt Williams, Controller

As Controller, Matt is responsible for overseeing ViaTech's day-to-day financial operations.


ViaTech Named Three-Time HR Tech Award Winner

For the third year in a row, ViaTech has been named an HR Tech Award winner by TalentCulture.

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How ViaTech Delivers Effective Software Solutions Ahead of Schedule – Cody Schuyler

So, how does ViaTech consistently deliver effective software solutions ahead of schedule? We set realistic...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: The ViaTech Class of 2021

Over the course of the year, ViaTech added 13 talented individuals, representing diverse backgrounds, interests and...


Log4j2 and ViaTech

ViaTech products and customer-facing tools do not use Log4j2 as a logging tool and are not susceptible to this...


ViaTech Wins Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Third Year in a Row

ViaTech is proud to announce that it won a coveted Brandon Hall Group gold award for excellence in the “Best Advance in...

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The Three Pillars of a Successful Global Print Program — Rob White

Now more than ever, it’s important to have the right solutions in place when it comes to print production and...

cultural spotlight

Cultural Spotlight: Night of Superstars

Founded in Dallas in 2005, Night of Superstars is a charity event that celebrates the accomplishments of area children...


ViaTech Recognized as Leader Among Retail- and Manufacturing-Focused Service Providers

ViaTech is pleased to announce that it has earned a spot on Aspire Customer Communication Services’ newly launched...

product spotlight

Product Spotlight: Technology-Enabled Print

This month, we’re providing all the details on ViaTech’s technology-enabled print products, which range from direct...

atd international

Key Takeaways: ATD 2021

The Association for Talent Development embraced “the new normal” by welcoming both in-person and virtual attendees to...

atd international

Know Before You Go: ATD 2021

After more than a year of remote work, webinars and conferences, ATD is welcoming talent development leaders back to...

client experience

Introducing the ViaTech Product Solutions Team

We are excited to introduce Ann Wilson, who has just transitioned into a new role as Project Manager for the Product...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Gregory Edwards, Production Supervisor

We are excited to introduce Gregory Edwards, who has just joined ViaTech as Production Supervisor!

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Steven Chavez, IT

Steven Chavez – who has been with ViaTech since 2015 – has played a crucial role in furthering the company’s...

client experience

Reinventing the ViaTech Client Experience

We are excited to introduce Jessica Bills, who has just transitioned into a new role as Director of Client Experience....

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Damon Daniels, Workflow Automation

We are excited to introduce Damon Daniels, who has just joined our Workflow Automation team!      

core values

ViaTech Core Values Receive a Refresh

ViaTech is proud to present its new set of core values.


ViaTech Named Two-Time HR Tech Award Winner

ViaTech has been named an HR Tech Award winner by TalentCulture for the second year in a row.

guest blog

A Reflection on ViaTech's 25th Year — Mike Fields, President

Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel The Sun Also Rises opens with the line, “Robert Cohn was once middleweight boxing...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Jeffrey Lott, Senior Software Engineer

We are excited to introduce Jeffrey Lott, who has just joined our team as Senior Software Engineer!      

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Building Bonds That Last: ViaTech’s Model for Elevated Customer Success — Jerri Cole, Implementation Analyst

ViaTech's customer success model is built on the belief that measurable impact derives from genuine partnership.


ViaTech Wins Two 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology

ViaTech is pleased to announce that it has received a coveted Brandon Hall Group gold award for excellence in the Best...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Jessica Gonzalez, Business Manager

In her 10 years with the company, Jessica Gonzalez has helped grow ViaTech’s West Coast business to impressive new...

cultural spotlight

Cultural Spotlight: 3 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

One of ViaTech’s beloved charities is Minnie’s Food Pantry – a non-profit organization that provides more than 1...

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An Introduction to Product Delivery — Dillon Culpepper

By shifting away from a transactional mentality and focusing instead on the total relationship, we are able to create...


8 Positive Outcomes to Result from the Pandemic

As we continue to battle the coronavirus, it’s important to focus on the positive outcomes that have emerged despite...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Hanna Bergsma, Salesforce Administrator

We are excited to introduce Hanna Bergsma, who has just joined our team as Salesforce Administrator!      

customer spotlight

Customer Spotlight: NAA

NAA needed to ensure that online course materials were being delivered in a controlled environment, while giving...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: David Geyer, Sales Executive

We are excited to introduce David Geyer, who has just joined our team as Sales Executive!      


5 Steps to Developing a User-Centric Digital Content Strategy

In our recent webinar, 5 Steps to Developing a User-Centric Digital Content Strategy, we looked at how to leverage data...

product spotlight

Product Spotlight: ViaNote

This month, we’re providing all the details on ViaNote – a ViaTech tool that enables enterprises to generate custom...

cultural spotlight

Cultural Spotlight: How ViaTech Empowers Women in the Technology Field

ViaTech is committed to providing equal opportunities to its women employees and increasing the number of women in...


[WEBINAR] 5 Steps to Developing a User-Centric Digital Content Strategy

Learn how to leverage data to adapt your digital content strategy for an improved end-user experience.


Measuring ViaTech’s 25-Year Impact

In the decades since our founding, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the content-services industry by developing a...

guest blog

Four Ways to Promote Your Brand  — Dena Tourville, Account Manager

Promotional products are essential marketing tools for any business. However, you might find yourself asking, “What are...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Bronson Kimball, Sales Executive

We are excited to introduce Bronson Kimball, who has just joined our team as Sales Executive!      


How ViaTech Uses Its Own Technology

At ViaTech, we rely heavily on Active Reader® – our secure electronic delivery tool – to engage with our employees...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Ed Cyprian, Lead Front-End Developer

We are excited to introduce Ed Cyprian as a full-time Front-End Developer. Ed has worked for ViaTech in a part-time...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Paulette Harris, Account Manager

Some of ViaTech’s biggest accounts have been placed in the trusting hands of Paulette Harris.


ViaTech Celebrates 25 Years at the Forefront of Content Services

As ViaTech celebrates its 25th anniversary, we honor our history and look forward to the future.


ViaTech Named 2020 Technology Leader by TalentCulture

ViaTech announced this week that it earned a 2020 HR Tech Award from TalentCulture – a media outlet and consultancy for...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Jessica Mitchell, Front-End Developer

We are excited to introduce Jessica Mitchell, who has just joined our team as Front-End Developer!      

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Andrew Kemp, Front-End Developer

We are excited to introduce Andrew Kemp, who has just joined our team as Front-End Developer!      

guest blog

My Top 5 Tips for Managing Change — Jessica Bills, Sales Engineer

Managing change is about managing expectations.

cultural spotlight

Cultural Spotlight: ViaTech HQ

ViaTech’s corporate culture is collaborative and creative, and we wanted a space that would reflect that.


Three Key Takeaways from Our Webinar on Remote Engagement

In our recent webinar, Remote Engagement: Where Do We Go From Here?, our team of experts offered advice on how to...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Sean Amirhussain, QA Analyst

We are excited to introduce Sean Amirhussain, who has just joined our team as QA Analyst!      

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Cody Schuyler, Agile Coach

We are excited to introduce Cody Schuyler, who has just joined our team as Agile Coach!      

customer spotlight

Customer Spotlight: CAE

When it came time to modernize its training program, CAE chose ViaTech to implement its content-delivery solution.


Six Security Questions You Should Be Asking Your Service Providers

These days, security is a primary focus for nearly every enterprise, regardless of industry, revenue or size. Changing...


[WEBINAR] Remote Engagement: Where Do We Go From Here?

Learn how to give your employees and learners secure access to the content they need at home.

guest blog

How ViaTech Is Helping in the COVID-19 Crisis — Michael Bertuch, CEO

It seems trite to say, “These are unprecedented times,” or, “No one could have prepared us for this.” From my...

product spotlight

Product Spotlight: Active Reader®

This month, we’re providing all the details on Active Reader® – ViaTech’s flagship software service. Active Reader®...


Five Tips for Empowering Remote Workers & Learners

Within the matter of a few weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has erupted into a full-on public health emergency that has...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Plesko, Senior Product Experience Designer

We are excited to introduce Ryan Plesko, who has just joined our team as Senior Product Experience Designer!      

Learning Technologies

Recap: Learning Technologies 2020

I have traveled around the globe and even crossed the treacherous Drake Channel between South America and Antarctica by...

cultural spotlight

Cultural Spotlight: Predictive Index Talent Optimization

Imagine having a superpower that allows you to predict how people will behave in any given situation. What would you do...


Active Reader®: Frequently Asked Questions

Here at ViaTech, we receive many questions about Active Reader, our electronic document delivery application. We've...


Know Before You Go: CHART 99 Napa

Designed by trainers for trainers, CHART’s Training Competencies Conference is the one place hospitality training...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Tina Seabourne, Executive Administrative Assistant

When you walk through the doors of ViaTech headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Tina Seabourne is the first person you see....

guest blog

How My Continuing Education Drove Me to ViaTech — Mike Fields, President

Last year, I joined ViaTech as Chief Financial Officer after being introduced to them by a global consulting company....

Learning Technologies

Know Before You Go: Learning Technologies 2020

Attracting more than 8,500 visitors and 200 exhibitors from around the world, Learning Technologies is truly a...

Release notes

Active Reader® v19 is here!

At ViaTech, we’re always working to improve the ViaONE and Active Reader® experience for our users. In Release 19,...


Why Metrics Matter

Not only does user data help businesses identify their target market, but it allows them to refine their offerings to...


Three Tech Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020

One of the great things about technology is the insight it provides into human behavior. Going into the next 365, we’re...


ViaTech Wins 2019 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award in Technology

ViaTech announced today that it earned a coveted Brandon Hall Group gold award for excellence in the Best Advance in...


How to Increase Employee Retention in an Industry Notorious for Turnover

Investing in the proper training is key to reducing employee turnover.


Eight Reasons Why Active Reader Beats the Alternative e-Delivery Platform

Active Reader offers the content control and security that other e-delivery platforms lack.

Release notes

What's New with Active Reader™

At ViaTech, we’re always working to improve the ViaONE and Active Reader™ experience for our users. Over the course of...

Learning and Development

Blended Learning vs. Blended Experiences

By now, you know that blended learning – a combination of eLearning and instructor-led training – is more effective...


How to Fill the Void Created by Electronic Health Record Systems

It’s 2019, and technology companies are still working to develop new ways for consumers to access healthcare data...

Learning and Development

‘Forget’ Your Knowledge Retention Strategy

Improve safety conditions and instill confidence in your crew, customers and overall business with a secure electronic...


ViaTech Develops New Brand Hospitality Hub for Hilton

In an effort to streamline brand communications, ViaTech has launched a Hospitality Hub for Hilton Brands – one of the...


Seven Types of Content That You Should Be Securing

Here’s an interesting concept: Your enterprise is only as valuable as the content it produces. Your communications –...

Learning and Development

Three Rules for Engaging E-Learners

While training technology is extremely valuable, it can seriously limit student and instructor interaction. Follow...

Learning and Development

Millennials & Micro-learning: A Match Made in Heaven

While macro-learning is appropriate for new hires, micro-learning techniques are ideal for continued education....

On the job training

How to Equip Your Sales Team for Success in the Field

Thirty years ago, working in the field was a tedious job that involved a variety of tasks that made it generally...


How to Keep Your Confidential Information Out of the Wrong Hands

What’s the answer to keeping your company’s sensitive information safe? Many rely on rigorous vetting and regular...


Hear What Customers Have to Say About Our Marketing Solution

Whether you want to share promotional materials with your franchisees or print and ship coupons directly to your...


These Companies Experienced Significant Savings with ViaTech

From store profiling and asset management to dynamic templating and reporting, ViaTech provides full marketing support...


The Key to Driving Savings for Your Company

Hundreds of the most prestigious global brands rely on ViaTech to streamline their marketing processes. Our solutions...


How a Fortune 500 Company Streamlined Its Ordering Process and Slashed Costs with ViaTech's Fulfillment Solution

Hospitality companies around the globe depend on ViaTech to produce and deliver marketing collateral and training...

On the job training

Three Easy Steps to Marketing Automation

ViaTech's marketing solution is totally comprehensive, covering your print distribution needs as well as digital...


Stop Stressing About Printing and Shipping with This Simple Solution

With its simplified fulfillment model, ViaTech relieves all printing-and-shipping-related stress.


The Secret to Boosting Return on Your Marketing Investment

Get the most bang for your buck with distributed marketing.


Three Ways to Build Franchisee Trust Using Integrated Marketing

All good relationships are based on trust, and your relationship with franchisees should be no different. Lay the...


Less Is More: How to Carry Out the Perfect One-Time Promotion

What is your restaurant, hotel or airline doing to enhance the user experience? Whether it’s rolling out a mobile app,...

Learning and Development

5 Fundamental Steps to Creating a ‘Learn Anywhere’ Culture

The days of training an employee once for a lifetime of work are over. As industries, methodologies and workplace tools...