Written by Amelia Orwick

With new enterprise technologies emerging every day, it can be difficult to determine what platforms are insignificant and what platforms are worth your investment.

Before you adopt a new technology tool, you should be confident in the value it will bring to your organization. But without a crystal ball, how can you really predict its worth?

Here’s a tip: Ask yourself, “Does the company ‘drink its own champagne?’”

If a technology company is confident enough in its product to implement it internally, chances are it’s a beneficial tool. It’s also more likely that the organization has a specific roadmap for the technology, from which you’ll eventually benefit, too.

At ViaTech, we rely heavily on Active Reader® – our secure electronic delivery tool – to engage with our employees around the globe.

In the same way that customers like CAE use Active Reader® to train pilots, ViaTech uses the tool to onboard new employees and educate team members in the field.

Our digital asset repository houses everything from human resource documents (i.e., policies and procedures, benefit guides and job aids) to marketing materials and sales collateral.

Employees have access to this content 24 hours a day, seven days a week – from any device, no matter the location.

Clearly, using our own technology has its advantages. Active Reader® is well-equipped and easy to navigate, so our employees enjoy using it.

But more importantly, the platform provides insight into who has opened and interacted with what materials, which helps our team understand what’s resonating and where it can improve.

In other words, ViaTech depends on Active Reader® insights to make business decisions in the best interest of its employees and stakeholders.

Furthermore, using Active Reader® allows us to internalize the customer experience and provide direct feedback to leadership, product developers and other key players.

So, what does all of this mean for our customers?

We use Active Reader® every day, just like you. And in doing so, we’ve developed a practical understanding of the tool, as well as our own set of guidelines and best practices.

Everyone on our team, no matter the department, is prepared to demonstrate the value of Active Reader® and engage with you to ensure a successful user experience.

Our employees are proud to contribute actively to the product’s growth, and subsequently, the prosperity of your organization.

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