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[WEBINAR] Remote Engagement: Where Do We Go From Here?

Learn how to give your employees and learners secure access to the content they need at home.

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How ViaTech Is Helping in the COVID-19 Crisis — Michael Bertuch, CEO

It seems trite to say, “These are unprecedented times,” or, “No one could have prepared us for this.” From my...

product spotlight

Product Spotlight: Active Reader®

This month, we’re providing all the details on Active Reader® – ViaTech’s flagship software service. Active Reader®...


Five Tips for Empowering Remote Workers & Learners

Within the matter of a few weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has erupted into a full-on public health emergency that has...

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Plesko, Senior Product Experience Designer

We are excited to introduce Ryan Plesko, who has just joined our team as Senior Product Experience Designer!      

Learning Technologies

Recap: Learning Technologies 2020

I have traveled around the globe and even crossed the treacherous Drake Channel between South America and Antarctica by...

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Cultural Spotlight: Predictive Index Talent Optimization

Imagine having a superpower that allows you to predict how people will behave in any given situation. What would you do...


Active Reader®: Frequently Asked Questions

Here at ViaTech, we receive many questions about Active Reader, our electronic document delivery application. We've...


Know Before You Go: CHART 99 Napa

Designed by trainers for trainers, CHART’s Training Competencies Conference is the one place hospitality training...

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Employee Spotlight: Tina Seabourne, Executive Administrative Assistant

When you walk through the doors of ViaTech headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Tina Seabourne is the first person you see....