Written by Dena Tourville

Promotional products are essential marketing tools for any business. However, you might find yourself asking, “What are ‘promo’ items, and why should my company be using them?”

Promo refers to any item that can be imprinted with your company logo. These items can be customized based on theme, budget or other needs. While digital marketing has become increasingly important over the past several years, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of leaving customers with a branded item by which to remember you. According to Promotional Products Association International research, 74% of those surveyed had a promo item in their office space and an astonishing 91% had a promotional item in their kitchen, proving how useful these items can be.

Promotional products can range from simple items like buttons and pens, to T-shirts and polos, to fine leather goods. With such a wide availability of products, you’re sure to find something for any situation.

Promo can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Sales and marketing: Utilize pop-up displays and give away tote bags, T-shirts or hats to showcase your brand identity at trade shows and events. Or leave a USB drive with your sales presentation following a meeting.

  2. Client engagement: To make clients feel appreciated, send a planner, journal or notebook at the start of a new year or when a project is completed successfully.

  3. Employee engagement: Employees love representing their companies! Try presenting jackets as a year-end gift or honoring achievements with trophies and plaques.

  4. Internal marketing: Showcase your brand with stationery and lanyards, offer company-branded T-shirts or display your awards and achievements on a banner.

With COVID-19 still surging, items that promote health, such as hand sanitizer, face masks, UV light sanitizers and touch-free tools, are useful for showing customers that you care for their well-being. And apparel, drinkware, writing utensils, technology items and office supplies are always popular.

Whether you want to thank your employees, recruit and retain clients or generally strengthen your brand display, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to promo, and ViaTech is here to help you find the perfect solution! You can reach out to me at dtourville@viatechpub.com for more information on our selection of products. 

Dena Tourville has been with ViaTech since 2017. As Account Manager, Dena works with a network of suppliers to deliver promotional and marketing solutions to clients. Her job includes evaluating all available merchandising options to determine the optimal solution, working with clients to produce required information and assets, completing quality assurance checks and invoicing for completed projects.