Written by Heather Ashley

Asking for a quote is an important part of the vetting process, but there are other critical questions you should pose to potential vendors to avoid pitfalls down the road. Start with the five considerations below, and you’re sure to reap the benefits later.

1) “Where do you print?”

With freight costs rising and transit times growing longer, it’s time to consider where your project is being printed. Is your printer located near your end user? Do they rely on third-party vendors to fulfill orders? And do they have a network of printers that can meet your unique requirements.

Ideally, you should find a vendor with multiple print locations, so that they can deploy your project to the location closest to your customer. Not only will this decrease your shipping costs, but it will get your materials into customer hands at the fastest rate possible.

2) “Do you use sustainable print practices?”

Leaving the world a better place is a mission that we can all get behind. The perfect partner will use sustainable print practices and work with you to reduce the amount of print you’re producing. Be sure to find out whether your printer offers recycled paper stocks, as well as paper waste and toner cartridge recycling.

At the end of the day, your printer should ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it – and nothing more. Find a partner with print-on-demand capabilities that takes sustainability seriously!

 3) “Are you reliable?”

When the rubber hits the road, will your printer meet your deadlines? And will the finished product meet your expectations? Inquiring about lead times and communications processes will help you gain insight into how they run their business.

After all, you’re looking for a partner! Before you sign any agreements, make sure the vendor is willing to work with you to reach important goals and deadlines.

4) “What are your customer service offerings?”

Quality customer service is hard to come by these days, as businesses continue to struggle with staffing in the aftermath of COVID-19. Will you be “just another customer,” or will you be serviced by a dedicated support team? What are their response times (for both calls and emails)? Keep in mind that helpful, responsive service can make or break your vendor experience!

5) “Do you have the right technology?”

Today, technology is an integral part of any print program. Your vendor should be prepared to integrate with and streamline your processes – not the other way around. Do they offer APIs and/or custom development? Do they operate an e-commerce platform to streamline ordering? These are questions you should be asking to guarantee you get the most bang for your buck.

With more than 25 years of experience in the content delivery space, ViaTech is prepared to find solutions to your biggest print and fulfillment challenges.

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Heather Ashley is a ViaTech sales executive based in New York. If you want to learn more about Heather or the innovative work being done at ViaTech, connect with her on LinkedIn here.