Written by Amelia Orwick

Your company faces security risks from all sides. So, when it comes to mitigation, where do you begin?

Although security has long been a challenge for large companies, today it demands more attention than ever before. In fact, you probably have an entire department dedicated to protecting company assets and customer data.

What makes security especially daunting is the sheer number of ways you can be compromised. Of course, there’s the threat of hackers attacking your systems from the outside. But you also have to consider threats presented by inside personnel.

There are plenty of opportunities for security violation, whether it’s an ex-employee disclosing trade secrets to a competitor, a disgruntled worker sharing intel with the press, or worst of all – a staffer distributing information that could be used for the purpose of harming your customers.

Even more likely, your employees will expose your data unintentionally. The SANS Institute reports that 95% of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful phishing scams.

So, what’s the answer to keeping your company’s sensitive information safe? Many rely on rigorous vetting and regular audits. But the scary truth is that these practices are largely ineffective.

Although vetting team members is a beneficial practice, it doesn’t go far enough to protect your business. In the end, you can’t predict or control the behavior of your employees.

What you can control, though, is your technology infrastructure. By limiting what you print and relying instead on a digital repository and delivery system, you mitigate your risk of a security breach.

Not only does ViaTech operate in a safe environment, but we give you complete control of your assets. With our platform, you can regulate who sees what materials, how long they are accessible and whether they are available for print.

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