Written by Amelia Orwick

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All too often, enterprises commit to expensive and time-consuming technology projects, only to be left deeply unsatisfied. In fact, research shows that the majority of software implementations exceed cost expectations, and fewer than 70% are completed on schedule. Implementations can also be painstaking for employees who are resistant to change.

CAE is a worldwide leader in training for the civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare industries. When it came time to modernize its training program, the company chose ViaTech to implement its content-delivery solution. Why did CAE trust ViaTech with the job?


CAE sought a partner that would be able to swiftly deliver a product to meet core business needs. Within a matter of weeks, ViaTech had developed a fully functional content-delivery application and completed the onboarding process in cooperation with the CAE team. In the months following, ViaTech added functionality to enhance the overall user experience.


A large part of CAE’s decision to implement ViaTech’s technology was dependent on its ability to integrate with Salesforce. CAE uses the customer relationship management tool to track interaction with aviation professionals and instructors. ViaTech’s application seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to identify users and the courses in which they’re enrolled. Once registered, users are automatically assigned the appropriate permissions and their bookshelves are populated with the corresponding course materials.


Introducing and updating training materials on a regular basis is a critical part of CAE’s business. For this reason, it was important for CAE to have a highly functional product designed by a team of intuitive thinkers. ViaTech developed its content-delivery solution entirely in-house and branded the application to meet CAE’s standards. The platform supports all file types, including video and HTML5, which are vital to the company’s training program.

Change-management experience

ViaTech’s team of experts worked directly with CAE’s IT department to implement their solution quickly and efficiently. By effectively managing the application’s design, development and delivery, ViaTech freed up CAE executives to promote its adoption and use among customers.

ViaTech prides itself on developing custom solutions and creating bottom-line value for customers like CAE.

“ViaTech has built a culture around getting things right. They anticipate customer needs and work to meet them before issues arise,” said Steve Dennis, CAE's Global Head of FAA Training. “The team there continues to exceed the expectations of CAE team members and customers.”

For more information on ViaTech’s offerings, visit ar.viatech.io.