Written by Amelia Orwick

Active Reader offers the content control and security that other e-delivery platforms lack.

The way we communicate with one another has never stopped evolving. From pencil and paper to ink to email, we’ve witnessed a complete transformation in enterprise content creation and delivery.

Today, most businesses rely heavily on PDFs – whether they’re emailing the files back and forth or using a more advanced means of delivery. Although PDF distribution may be preferable to fax, for example, the method still has its flaws.

Most e-delivery platforms use encrypted PDFs, which are downloaded directly to user devices. Once a file is downloaded, the host loses all control; encrypted PDFs leave no trail and provide no metrics back to the enterprise.

ViaTech’s Active Reader, on the other hand, uses a proprietary layering file format, which provides complete content authority and security to the enterprise.

Here are eight reasons why Active Reader beats encrypted PDF every time:

1. Updates – Content hosted by competing platforms is updated only when the app is opened by the user. With Active Reader, content syncs automatically across all devices within reach of internet signal.

2. Revisions – PDF notes cannot be transferred from one file to another; they must be copied over manually. If content is updated within Active Reader, notes are maintained for review by the user. You can choose to move notes back to the document or delete them if they’re no longer relevant.

3. Interaction – PDF users cannot securely interact with their content and other people. Active Reader users, however, can create and share annotations, photos, audio and video all from their personal notebooks.

4. Workbooks – While PDFs do support fillable forms, submissions are not available for integration. Therefore, there can be no complex reporting. Active Reader users can fill out and submit workbooks, tests and infield forms for review by administrators.

5. Configurations – Other e-delivery platforms require content conversions and system configurations. Active Reader works with your existing file types and integrates seamlessly with systems like Salesforce, Cornerstone and SAP.

6. Devices – The majority of e-delivery platforms are licensed per user with a cap on the number of devices that can be used at once. With unlimited content allowed on unlimited devices, Active Reader is licensed per user on an annual basis.

7. Onboarding – In the case of most platforms, documents must be reviewed and uploaded one by one. Active Reader integrates with your systems to allow for the mass upload of documents.

8. Metrics – PDF form submissions must be analyzed on an individual basis. But Active Reader consolidates workbook results for easy analysis. It also tracks metrics on the user experience, including opens and time on page.

As communication needs continue to change, ViaTech is best prepared to support your enterprise. Our technology – including Active Reader – is flexible, integrative and intuitive.

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