Written by Amelia Orwick

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented levels of human loss and economic disruption, which have rightly dominated the news and our attention for most of the year.

But the virus has also spurred innovation in the fields of technology and medicine. And it has evoked impressive displays of strength, compassion and resilience in our communities.

As we continue to battle the coronavirus, it’s important to focus on the positive outcomes that have emerged despite the misfortune.

We asked ViaTech employees to comment on the “silver linings” they’ve seen come from the pandemic. Here are their responses:

“I’ve discovered how productive I can be working from home. Working remotely gives me the ability to focus, uninterrupted, for long periods of time, which enables me to get a lot more done. When I do come into the office, I’m able to be present and available for others.” – Audrey, Human Capital

“I think the pandemic gave everyone a scare. When quarantine started back in March, we were short staffed. But with the employees I had here, we were able to get the jobs out. I learned never to panic, but to be relaxed, and everything will work itself out.” – Steve, Production

“A lot of my customers are within the hospitality vertical, which was decimated, to say the least. Priorities shifted, projects were placed on hold and budgets were eliminated. Since then, I’ve tried to determine what my clients’ pain points are and then come to them with thought-provoking solutions, as opposed to waiting for them to ask for help. I keep looking for ways to provide them with relief in the form of cost savings, time savings, etc.” – Andrew, Business Development

“Once COVID-19 went into full effect, I started attending 2-3 webinars weekly and working through position training and certifications daily. Focusing on these tasks has allowed me to make well-educated recommendations to adjust for the new ways our contacts are doing business.” – Cathy, Marketing

“For many years, working in the ViaTech office was the norm. As COVID-19 forced us to transition most employees to a work-from-home model, we had to take a step back and reimagine our ‘workplace.’ Liberated from a long commute, I’ve been able to find more productive ways to spend my time and enjoy greater flexibility in balancing my personal and professional life.” – Dana, Customer Engagement

“As a business manager, the pandemic has made me more aware of my team’s personal needs. Although working from home has separated us physically, it’s brought about much more communication; teamwork seems to be at its best. I’ve also noticed that my team has taken on more autonomy and self-direction.” – Ray, Client Services

“COVID-19 has rapidly changed ViaTech’s operational patterns of the past 25 years. Working remotely has given us extra hours of productivity in the day, the benefit of engaging with internal teams and clients from anywhere a Wi-Fi signal can be found, and the opportunity to explore and bring new technology and tools into ViaTech’s ecosystem.” – Brendon, Technology

“Since beginning my software career, I’ve tried to develop remote work experience in preparation for becoming a code-at-home-dad. Quarantine has provided me with invaluable experience working from home long term and changed the perspective of employers, greatly expanding opportunities for me to realize this career goal.” – Dillon, Software Engineering

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