Michael Bertuch
Written by Michael Bertuch

It seems trite to say, “These are unprecedented times,” or, “No one could have prepared us for this.” From my perspective, those two statements are not only trite; they are untrue. 

The founders of ViaTech, Ron Simmons & I come from backgrounds in crisis management. Before we launched the company, our jobs were to shepherd big companies through unthinkable disasters… prior to their happening. Of course, we’ve never seen a pandemic quite like COVID-19; that’s what makes it a crisis.

The first rule of crisis management is that everyone has a role to play in mitigation. At ViaTech, our role is to deliver crucial information to professionals around the world, in the medium that’s best for them, at the moment they need it. 

That last sentence was the opening of the business plan I wrote for ViaTech while a graduate student at Columbia University in 1995. Today, our company operates around the world, creating, protecting and delivering information every day and in times of crisis. As I write this blog post, every ViaTech facility worldwide is open and operating as an essential business to the largest brands in the world.

We are delivering our Active Reader® software for free to anyone in the world that needs it during the pandemic. In concert with local authorities in the United States, United Kingdom and India, our employees are working night and day, delivering the critical learning that globally distributed employees need while they have lost access to the offices that facilitate those communications. Extensive backup and disaster recovery plans have kicked in so that we can continue operating for the hundreds of global brands that depend on us.

Because crisis management is baked into our culture, we are able to build software bridges and pathways to new client systems in no time. Every bridge we build is delivered with a backup, and then a backup to that.

It is our great honor to serve major global businesses in this difficult time. We stand at the ready to help every brand for free until the world gets back to normal. It always does.

Powered by ViaTech, Active Reader® enables secure electronic document delivery in mission-critical situations. We are now offering a 45-day free trial of the platform to businesses challenged by current circumstance. Call our hotline at (866) 661-9317 (US) or (469) 669-0228 (International) to get started within 24 hours.