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Written by Jerri Cole

In today’s competitive technology market, enterprises are demanding more of their solution providers. Simply delivering a quality product is no longer enough; you have to offer a unique value proposition that resonates with customers.

ViaTech’s customer success model is built on the belief that value derives from genuine partnership, which results from personalized service, transparent communication and proactive solutioning.

Personalized Service

At ViaTech, we seek every opportunity to use our customer knowledge to develop uniquely effective solutions. In addition to offering custom development, we consider user need and relevancy when making global platform improvements. Just recently, I was a part of a roundtable discussion with daily users during a feature redesign for one of our newest products. This conversation helped us gain valuable perspective to maximize customer impact.

Transparent and Reciprocal Communication

Maintaining close communication with customers is key to providing personalized service. Whereas secrecy leads to fear and blame, transparency creates a sense of trust and opportunity for innovative thought. It also helps to prevent unpleasant surprises for management and customers that are operating on strict timelines.

When engaging customers, ViaTech strives to remain:

  • Empathetic – We seek to hear our customers’ challenges and find value in their interests.
  • Open-minded – We understand that customers may not always see things our way and remain open to new ways of thinking.
  • Willing to rally – We recognize that, as individual promoters of our customers’ success, we may not have all the answers. We utilize all resources at our disposal to reach resolutions – even if that means engaging with people outside our organization. 

Proactive Solutioning

Because we are in constant communication with our customers, we get to know their challenges intimately. As a result, we can see roadblocks and curveballs long before they are thrown. Customers appreciate when we anticipate their needs and solution through and around problems before they’ve caused an issue or resulted in delay.

Genuine Partnership

Through personalized service, transparent communication and proactive solutioning, we are able to build genuine partnerships with our users. Customers truly value being a part of the software development process. After all, who understands their business needs better than they do?

Partnership – in business and in life – means establishing mutual interest. In the case of software solutioning, the mutual interest is a product that 1) makes the customer’s life easier and 2) adds value to the customer’s bottom line. ViaTech is proud to offer solutions that accomplish both.

Jerri Cole has been with ViaTech since September 2019. As Implementation Analyst, she is responsible for supporting new customers during the onboarding and implementation process. If you want to learn more about Jerri or ask her about the innovative work being done at ViaTech, connect with her on LinkedIn here!