Written by Amelia Orwick

While training technology is extremely valuable, it can seriously limit student and instructor interaction. Follow these three rules for engaging learners, and get them out from behind their screens!

According to the 2018 Training Industry Report, increasing learning program usage and engagement is a top priority for companies in 2019.

Interestingly enough, data from that same report reveals that companies are relying more heavily on technology to facilitate their training. In fact, 41 percent of companies plan on investing in online learning tools and systems this year.

Unfortunately, learning technology isn’t always conducive to engagement. Connecting with content, trainees and instructors is difficult enough in a classroom setting. By giving students the choice to opt out of face-to-face discussion, you run the risk of isolating them and stymieing their growth.

But when learning technology is used thoughtfully, it can actually result in more synergic opportunities. Many technology providers offer collaborative tools and insights; you just have to know how to take advantage of them.

After all, it’s by forging meaningful connections with your materials and those around you that you’re able to dig deeper into subjects that interest you and develop your professional skills and strengths. Trainees need the opportunity to ask questions, give feedback and reflect on shared learning experiences.

Be an advocate for active participation and provide the right tools, and you will create a collaborative learning environment for your team.

Here are three tips for increasing engagement among e-learners:

  1. Embed engaging elements into your training program. Prompt learners to take action during their lessons by including fillable forms, quizzes and surveys with your materials. Audio, video and other interactive file types are also proven to increase engagement.
  2. Encourage and reward online interaction. Be candid with your team about the importance of interacting with content and one another. You may want to try implementing a reward system for sharing, taking notes or engaging in discussion.
  3. Monitor interaction and refine your offerings accordingly. The great thing about technology is the window it gives you into your training program. Use reporting tools and analytics to determine which materials are resonating and who is fully engaged.

ViaTech’s Active Reader™ comes with a full suite of tools that support collaborative learning goals. The application enables secure electronic delivery, transforming any device into a platform for engaging users with tailored content.

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