Written by Amelia Orwick

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Imagine having a superpower that allows you to predict how people will behave in any given situation. What would you do with the unique insight into what drives those around you?

Since adopting the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment as a talent-optimization tool earlier this year, ViaTech has been able to make smarter decisions centered on hiring, team development and employee engagement.

The PI Behavioral Assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs. For more than 60 years, businesses around the globe have used the assessment to understand what makes their employees and job candidates tick.

There are a number of tests designed to reveal particular aspects of an individual’s personality, including the CliftonStrengths assessment and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. ViaTech selected the PI Behavioral Assessment for its proven track record as a predictor of job fit and success.

The PI Behavioral Assessment was certified by DNV GL in 2018. This certification assures that the tool meets the strict guidelines set forth by psychology experts at the EFPA. The behavioral assessment is scientifically validated for workplace use – for most any jobs, in most any industry worldwide. The PI team has done 350+ studies that establish statistically valid correlations between behavior assessment factors and key workplace outcomes such as tenure, turnover, sales and customer satisfaction.

So, how does the PI Behavioral Assessment work?

Assessment takers get two lists of adjectives. Using the first list, they select the words that describe the way others expect them to act. Using the second list, they select the words that describe them in their own opinion.

Each adjective is associated with one of the four key factors that determine workplace behavior: dominance, extraversion, patience and formality.

After the assessment has been completed, PI assigns the test taker a Reference Profile, or a snapshot of the way they think and work.

Seeing value in the tool, ViaTech engaged with Talent Suite – a PI-certified partner that empowers organizations to achieve their potential through people using proven methodology and data analytics.

ViaTech leadership spent two days training with Talent Suite to become PI certified practitioners. The team left with a plan for using the PI tools and workforce assessment software to overcome personnel challenges and achieve business objectives.

PI training effectively prepared ViaTech to:

  • Measure engagement and behavior throughout the organization
  • Hire with purpose and rigor, prioritizing candidates with the right behavioral and cognitive fit
  • Protect the brand by building and maintaining a strong culture
  • Boost engagement and productivity while decreasing turnover

As PI points out, business issues boil down to people issues.

In 2020, ViaTech is hyper focused on solving its people problems, hiring the right individuals for the right roles, and making sure that everyone thrives.

We look forward to utilizing the PI tools and framework to accomplish these goals.

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