Doctor on Tablet

Written by Amelia Orwick

Despite attempts to advance healthcare technology, patients are left wanting more.

It’s 2019, and technology companies are still working to develop new ways for consumers to access healthcare data safely and conveniently. Meanwhile, patients continue to fumble with paper records and struggle to gain entry to their healthcare portals.

In a perfect world, healthcare records would be truly portable. Patient information could be retrieved at a moment’s notice, including in scenarios of life and death.

Unfortunately, the reality is a bit bleaker. The electronic health record (EHR) systems that do exist are prone to programming errors; they can also be difficult to navigate, which is an issue punctuated by lack of training; and we haven’t even broached the subject of data security yet...

From United States politics to the sheer scale of the medical industry, there are several reasons why progress seems to have stalled in the healthcare technology space. But nothing diminishes the need for EHRs that are accessible, accurate, and above all, secure.

Powered by ViaTech, Active Reader™ is a device-agnostic enterprise application that provides patients with secure digital access to their data.

Using Active Reader™, patients can login anytime and view records detailing:

  • Recent doctor visits
  • Test results
  • Immunizations
  • Prescriptions
  • Allergies

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations should be focused on the secure transmittal of EHRs and filling the void that consumers have been living with for so long. In doing so, they place emphasis on member health and privacy, and significantly increase member satisfaction.

ViaTech meets demands for some of the world’s biggest healthcare companies, including Kaiser Permanente, Optum and UnitedHealth Group. For more information about Active Reader™, visit