Written by Mike Fields

Last year, I joined ViaTech as Chief Financial Officer after being introduced to them by a global consulting company. ViaTech had a 20+ year history as a content management expert serving some of the largest brands in the world. During that time, ViaTech transitioned from a traditional printer focused on lower total cost of ownership to an electronic-enabled digital workflow specialist.

Friends ask me, what does that mean? We electronically integrate with our customers to produce and/or deploy content on both a regional and global scale.

  • For large restaurant and hotel customers, we provide e-commerce platforms to facilitate the acquisition and distribution of customized branded marketing and training materials.
  • For large healthcare clients, we build electronic interfaces to enable customer service representatives to easily generate customized courtesy cards (i.e., good luck on your surgery, congratulations on your baby) that appear personally handwritten.
  • For non-traditional publishers specializing in the distribution of training materials, ViaTech manages the content and logistics of successful training programs.

Back to the training manuals. While electronic-enabled workflows solve numerous challenges for our clients, what really excited me about ViaTech was Active Reader®. Active Reader® automates the secure delivery of enterprise content to end users on their mobile device or computer. This breakthrough technology, which received a Brandon Hall Best Advance in Learning Technology Gold Award in 2019, enables organizations to make their mission-critical documents available to the right users at the right times without the risk of compromising their intellectual property.

As a user of Active Reader®, I can search my entire bookshelf for both electronic document and video content. I can also engage with the content by making audio, video or text notes that are easily transferred to the next version of the content. My content is now relevant and just a click away.

With Active Reader®, ViaTech clients benefit from real-time analytics, a common digital asset repository and seamless integration with their fragmented Learning Management or Customer Relationship Management Systems. These benefits, coupled with cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities, differentiate ViaTech from other “digital content providers.”

Since I joined ViaTech, the company has also developed and implemented a SaaS platform for a Fortune 50 company that enables employees to easily create, collaborate on and distribute complex and highly regulated documents. Through this software platform, organizations gain access to a complete solution that spans document creation, distribution, consumption and analytical feedback of electronic content. This solution integrates with our electronic-enabled workflows, Active Reader® and a common digital asset repository. We look forward to rolling this platform out to more organizations in the upcoming year.

These types of innovations are ongoing at ViaTech.

We have a talented global team (offices in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London and Indore, India) focused on listening to the customer and solving problems through technology solutions. As an employee-owned organization, our staff are empowered to make decisions in the best interest of our customers and company. While we are not perfect, we are passionately curious, expect excellence, work smart and empower others. We also enjoy giving back to the community.

Looking ahead, I am excited about building on the original ideas of our CEO and founder Michael Bertuch. Michael wrote the business plan for ViaTech while attending graduate school at Columbia University and formed ViaTech as a New York Corporation in 1995. ViaTech has never wavered from its original mission of solving content management issues for its customers. Today, we are even more relevant for addressing cybersecurity and intellectual property challenges in a complex technology environment. The future is bright for ViaTech and its clients.

And for me, I look forward to the day when my continuing education providers adopt Active Reader®, and I get to enjoy a one-of-a-kind learning experience.