At 26 years old, ViaTech has a long history of developing content management solutions for large companies – including some of the most notable brands in the world. Among our core competencies are document publishing, application development and content distribution.

Our team partners with clients to solve their complex business challenges – involving everything from e-commerce and supply chain management to document security and electronic delivery.

When we were approached by a leading healthcare organization in 2017, we were well prepared to fulfill its request: to simplify the creation, review and distribution of complex customer documents (in its case, short-term insurance policy documents).

Immediately, we set out to better understand the client’s challenges and develop a shared vision for the future of its customer communications program.

Through our market research, we discovered that most healthcare companies are being held back by outdated customer communications management (CCM) systems that require users to manage hundreds of individual templates.

In fact, research by Aspire Customer Communications Services reveals that the number one challenge organizations face when it comes to transforming legacy documents into modern, omnichannel communications is “too many templates.”

We also learned that speed to market (or a lack thereof) is a big issue for traditional CCM customers. Template alterations require IT support and can take weeks to complete – time that healthcare organizations with mandatory deadlines simply don't have.

Ultimately, we developed Symphio – a leading-edge content orchestration tool that streamlines the creation and management of complex customer documents.

Originally, the Symphio DevOps team was comprised of just four employees, relying on Agile methodology to build, test and refine the product.

By the end of 2018, new functionality was being continuously deployed to a UAT environment for client testing. A group of key users would demo the product on a near weekly basis and provide feedback to the team to help steer development.

Initially, the team was focused on developing Symphio Arrange – the module used to create customer communications. Arrange uses conditional actions to manage document variability and allows for the creation of kits containing multiple documents and unique policy details.

In 2020, the Symphio team doubled in size and shifted its focus to the development of Symphio Bridge – the module used to manage document reviews and approvals.

Symphio Bridge enables users to share documents with key stakeholders (both inside and outside the organization) to collect and implement feedback. Together with Symphio Arrange, it forms a complete customer communications management solution.

After years of stagnation in the space, Symphio is revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations administer content and connect with their member bases. Not only does it enhance the opportunity for document personalization, but it eliminates the possibility of document error.

Since implementing Symphio, the client has significantly reduced the amount of time and effort required to produce customer communications, decreased its operational costs and increased its customer satisfaction rates.

“With our old system, it took months to make changes and complete reviews of our policies,” said Leslie, the client’s Director of Member Experience. “Symphio has streamlined these processes and allowed us to communicate with different stakeholders on one level.”

If you’re interested in understanding how Symphio can help your healthcare organization, contact our team or visit to learn more.

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